Time and Tide

Heya friends & fans, this is a hard one to write but here it goes: After much thought I’ve decided that the Paeregrine.Cast is going on hiatus. It will hopefully not be a super long one, but from where I’m standing it’s really really hard to tell. I started this comic when I was at a certain place in my life, and a bunch of circumstances have changed since then. I don’t feel like I’ve got anything close to the same footing I had when I started, and it has proved almost impossible to create new comics as a result. Instead of forcing them through half-assed, I’ve decided to take the time to re-establish my footing.

I fully expect that one day I will make comics again, possibly new strips for the Paeregrine.Cast – maybe a new project entirely – who knows? I certainly don’t. Thanks very much for your understanding and patience, and sorry for the slip. Things are pretty hard right now and I have to let my creativity do whatever it’s going to do (or not do.) I’ve gone back a comic to the one you see above, as it still feels like something I’m proud of and a rare expression of truth from what I’ve posted here. They say time and tide¬†wait for no man, and this is true. They also say time heals all wounds. I’m saying:

“Here’s to better weather,”

-Frank “Paeregrine” Marsters

Original Post Text:

This comic may have been the hardest single piece of art I’ve ever created, for a lot of reasons. I’m not going to say anything else about it – hopefully it speaks for itself.

Goodbye, Ondine.