WOO! It’s time for PAX EAST 2015! As some of you know, PAX East 2014 is what kicked off the Paeregrine.Cast webcomic. That means this is (in some ways) like a 1 year anniversary. I’m SUPER HAPPY to be back at PAX East this year, and I’m trying to get the P.Cast name out there! If you see me on the floor of the convention, PLEASE do not hesitate to say “Hey Paeregrine!” (Pair-a-grin) and come say hi! I have stickers and patches and badges and lots of ways to give away stuff and sell stuff. I have First 50 books and some posters too maybe, so if you wanna support the .Cast or just tell me what you think of it, I WILL BE AVAILABLE TO DO THAT!

And if you can’t make it to PAX East this year but still want to show love for the Paeregrine.Cast you can share the hashtag “#PaeregrinePAX” on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. ┬áPreferably attached to the hashtag #PAXEast and any cool P.Cast stuff you may like. You’re all fantastic! Here’s to another awesome year at PAX East!