Making a Commitment

Please: If you have thoughts or feelings about the Paeregrine.Cast, the comics of Year One, or the commitment to Year Two, please tell me about it. I’ve turned comments on below because I’ve got NOTHING TO LOSE.

You can’t improve at something unless you keep doing it. There are many things I’m trying to improve at, and this is one of them. There will probably be a lot of exploration and experimentation this year. Changes in joke formant, or various sorts of art-style. Hopefully I can land on something that will make the comic better and more fun to work on! Year Two: here we go!

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One thought on “Making a Commitment

  1. If you’re genuinely excited about more of these, keep going! If you’re ready to try something else, you should move on. You shouldn’t regret the decision, whichever it is. Finances and quality of life are something else, too: are one or the other meeting your aspirations?

    Make your mark where you feel you’re led to. In the end, that’s what’s most important. I like the comics, obviously, but my influencing your life choices based on my entertainment isn’t something I’m interested in doing. Trust your gut!

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