The Job Situation

**Disclaimer- I enjoy making comics and it makes me happy, the above strip is a joke, not an admission of unhappiness.**

It’s all about perspective. All about your attitude. That and turning your passion and hobby into your job: which is what I’m trying to do here with the Paeregrine.Cast – so: FUNemployed.

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4 thoughts on “The Job Situation

  1. Being unemployed sucks, I mean right now Iwaitaminute, that last panel is the panel from Dead Paeregrine Day without the luggage.

    • Yes! Yes it is. This strip was originally written to just be the top three panels, but it felt like it was still missing something. I modified the Dead Paeregrine Day panel as a mock-up of a 4th Panel, and liked it so much I posted it that way!

      *Edit: I’m trying to move away from recycling any artwork. Re-using artwork keeps me from growing or improving as an artist. Sometimes I do it to save time, but as I continue to grow as an artist and take this comic more seriously as a job I want to stop re-using any art at all.

  2. I do agree though, the fourth panel ties it up better than if you’d left it at the third. Who knows though, maybe when the world is looking at the Next 50 book, there’ll be some “HD Remakes” replacing reused panels? Eh? Eh?

    • “HD Remakes” are ABSOLUTELY something I want to do. Even in just the first year I see growth in my artistic ability and style. I’d like to go back and apply that growth to past work at some point and remakes like that would be a really good way to do it!

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