Knitting Wit

Let’s say this is ‘inspired by true events.’ My grandmother is in-fact an incredibly talented woman with great knitting skills. She has crafted many a sweater for yours-truly and I have been known to be harassed for wearing them (until people learn of where they came and then they usually back off.) I don’t think I have ever actually threatened bodily harm to anyone over the topic of my sweaters though, that’s just embellishment.

I originally titled this ‘It’s way too hot to tell this joke’ because as I was drawing the sweater in panel one I was actively sweating down my face. Just thinking about the wearing of sweaters, even for the point of humor, was making me uncomfortable and even warmer than I already was. In the end however I overcame the heat and produced this strip anyway. Although I am wearing 100% less sweater than shown above. 300% less if you count each panel all together.

Also- for those keeping score at home, the sweater I decided to draw is based very very heavily on the one worn by Jack in the first Bioshock. When writing this I originally got very carried away with my own ideas and there were plasmids involved and the very familiar ‘links of the Great Chain’ tattoos but that jumped the shark so very quickly, and you can only tell so much story in three panels. Instead the version that ended up shaking down is the one visible above: and I am quite pleased with it.

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