Honor the KODE

You may look at this with your discerning eyes and say “oh wow! I can finally read the exciting adventures of Darius Smallcheeks,” and while you are not wrong, you would be only partially correct. For Darius is a member of a guild, and that guild is the Knights Of Daring Exploit (abbreviated to KODE.) As they write it, it’s actually Honor KODE. They are an almost entirely fictional group of gamers in an almost entirely fictional game-world, and I am very excited to bring you their story.

Once again those with good eyes will notice that this strip has a purple border stripe and contains the name of the aforementioned guild. It’s my hope that I can use differently colored stripes around the borders of comics to differentiate between different stories that I may be inclined to tell over the course of multiple strips. As for now I am hoping that each of these pieces can be broken down so as to be self-contained, but as the stories get more involved we will see where that goes.

This is the first step in something much larger, the realization of a dream. I’m excited by the thought of every single person who will join me on this journey. Paeregrine.Cast has already proven it can stand on it’s own two feet for ten weeks and so I’ve proven to myself that I’m ready to take the next steps. Take them with me, and get ready for all the cool stuff coming up.

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