Grand Larceny with Me

Yes yes, I know, there is no friendly fire in Payday 2. Which is a good thing! Because my fellow criminal masterminds tend to walk in-front of the barrel of my rifle all the time. And I’m not saying with the above comic that I’m the sort of ruthless person who would shoot his friend in the leg to run away from zombies. That’s really not how I roll.

But if there WAS friendly fire in Payday 2, I would seriously have to consider the occasional murder of one of me co-conspirators when they throw away 90% of a job done in stealth by blasting away or being silly. As TF2’s Sniper says: Professionals have standards.

Also – I don’t believe there is a TROLOLOL American Flag pattern in Payday 2, and that’s probably a good thing. But I couldn’t help myself from drawing one anyway. Happy Heisting!

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