Game Day

If you’re not a DOTA2 fan and you follow this webcomic, you are likely pretty sick of these comics popping up. But I am incredibly excited, and this year’s International Main Event starts today! It’s an incredibly amazing thing for eSports and gaming, as the prize pool is over $10.5 MILLION US DOLLARS.

I will be watching all weekend, like a rabid DOTA-consuming beast, and I firmly encourage you all to do the same. The matches so far have seen some incredible upsets, and some amazing performances. I wanna give a personal shoutout to Team Liquid for rockin’ their way through the Wild Card Qualifiers and then doing better than most would have expected.

Also- in the first panel of today’s comic you DOTA2 fans will recognize the familiar face of one Tobi Wan, an excellent shoutcaster that some people consider to be the “Voice of DOTA2”. And when you do as good a job on play-by-play as he’s been known to: it’s easy to see why.

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