And The Spiders From Mars

And in a twist ending – I chose the Exo. Because who can resist totally badass robot people? I know I certainly can’t. They have a ton of totally rad customization options, and you can make their head-plates cool shades of purple. I’m such a sucker for purple robots.

I’m going to be making a full-on blog post about the Destiny Beta and how I feel about it and the upcoming game, and when it is up I will edit this post so it has a link to it. For now though, the short version is that I am really liking the Beta, but I’m not positive if I’ll be buying the game. Gonna sink a few more hours into it and see if that changes my mind. Also – I have yet to play it with any friends and that could really change my experience with it, we shall see.

For those that live under a rock, the David Bowie reference is to THIS.

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