That’s a Joke, right?

True story, I really have broken my fist a good number of times. And I did have a doctor with a healthy sense of humor who pitched this one at me. It didn’t help with the pain in my fist at all, so I guess while laughter may be the best medicine, it doesn’t entirely hold up as well compared to… ┬ámedicine.

BUT YES! This is strip number 50 and I felt it deserved a tad of commemoration. I know that in previous strips that felt like milestones I made a deal about it in the accompanying post/paragraph, but 50 is half of 100 and I just couldn’t help myself.

Lots of fun stuff coming up here from Paeregrine.Cast and I will be posting a ton of extra stuff on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr this week for my 50th strip so DEFINITELY stay tuned and keep a weather eye on the horizon. Thanks everyone, and here’s to another 50!

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