Guest Cover Artist Series: #1 – Tim Murray!

Posting… ON A TUESDAY!? Yes Friends & Fans, a few weeks ago I asked some very talented friends of mine who are also artists to craft “variant covers” for the .Cast as if it were an ‘on-the-rack’ comic book. Needless to say I have been BLOWN AWAY by the results. The first of these covers, which have been dubbed the “Guest Cover Artist Series” is the one shown above done by the incredibly talented Tim Murray! Below I’ve posted links to check out some of his other work. THANKS TIM!

Tim’s Portfolio

Tim’s Sketches-and-whatnot

Be sure to check back on TUESDAYS (I know! -gasp-) for the rest of these totally awesome covers in the coming weeks. I AM SO EXCITED I AM GOING TO END THIS POST IN A SENTENCE OF CAPITAL LETTERS!