Stand Up And Fight

If you will direct your attention to the top right of the page, you will see a banner that is not normally here on the Paeregrine.Cast site. If you’ve been milling about the internet a lot today, you will have likely already seen it or one like it. It is the “Battle For The Net” and it’s how you can get involved in saving the Internet we know and love.

Paeregrine.Cast has proudly joined Team Internet, to stand up against the Internet Slowlanes and pay-for-priority that big Cable companies (Team Cable) are trying to impose upon their users.

So take a minute, and get involved. Net Neutrality really is a big deal, an incredibly big deal. If we let the internet fall into the hands of those who crave more money, valuable net-projects will become bottlenecked by need of funding, and internet users will need to pay-to-win, just for their daily net connection. Stand Up and Fight!

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