Guest Cover Artist Series: #2 – Nathan Hurst!

Again with the Tuesday posting! Today the “variant covers” for the .Cast (as if it were an ‘on-the-rack’ comic book) continue. Another TOTALLY RAD cover, mixing up the style and bringing in the awesome flavors of ‘Joust’. This is the second of the covers, which have been dubbed the “Guest Cover Artist Series,” and was crafted by none other than Nathan Hurst! You can find his work on Behance through the link below, or by digging him up on Instagram under the moniker ‘suburbanpilgrim’. (We are, after all, fully supportive of monikers here at the .Cast)

Nathan’s Behance

I’m also proud to mention that Nathan has just put out a Zine called ‘Rebirth’ which I am proud to plug. And he is known to draw Awkward Bunnies from time to time.