Is There Candy Inside?

So, Microsoft has purchased Mojang. Mojang, who are the company that has been making Minecraft ever since Notch passed the torch on it. Along with getting the pretty rad studio, Microsoft is getting Minecraft itself.  This has parts of the Internet in a bit of a tizzy. People are leveling accusations, some users are furious with Notch himself.

I’m not. I’m not mad at anybody. Notch released a personal statement on the matter and then has declined to comment. I read that statement and damn if I don’t feel like I understand where he’s coming from. And be mad at Microsoft about it? They may be responsible for Bing, but that’s not even relevant here. And for new Windows computers to ship with Minecraft installed instead of pinball and solitaire? Yeah, that sounds pretty nice. So here’s to hoping that piñata isn’t empty, or filled with explosives (or scorpions.)




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