The Mess Is Real

It feels a lot lately like I’m living out of my car. Traveling around and storing a bunch of things that I might need at a moments notice. However that list of things keeps getting longer and stranger (currently 3 soda-kegs amongst many others) and that’s not to even mention the trash and empty coffee vessels that end up around the seats and on the mats. It feels like an eternally losing battle. AND YET I FIGHT ON.

For those with a keen eye, or an EYE FOR SPACE THINGS, you will recognize once again the game-world I am showing a starship interior from is Star Citizen. It’s an upcoming space title that was entirely crowd-funded and a game I am incredibly excited for. The ship’s interior depicted is one I have christened the TGSS Indomitable, and I am hoping it will be my space-chariot to adventure! (although with hopefully a lot less mess.)

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