And Now, For Something Completely Different:

I’m mixing up the order a bit this week. Last night when I finally carved out time to work on the webcomic that was supposed to be posted today, I got a solid few hours into it and then my computer crashed and I lost all the work. Normally I’d say my file-saving habits are pretty good, but this time they weren’t (of course) and so I said “Eff this, I’m heading to bed.” Due to my moment of weakness, I will be posting Wednesday’s comic on Thursday instead. I’m sorry for the change in schedule, and I don’t ever intend to slacken up when it comes to my weekly post rate, but this weekend has been especially rough and I am wiped out.

However, I have integrity to maintain and as such I don’t wanna leave you all empty handed on this wonderful Wednesday. So in lieu of posting a strip, I want to take this opportunity to show of just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the extras you can expect wrapped up as bonus material for my “The First 50” Kickstarter project that launched ONLY YESTERDAY. I am so incredibly overwhelmed with the amount of positive attention and feedback it has already received. The bare-bones goal was hit in THREE HOURS. Which is INSANE. I am significantly overwhelmed with feelings about it, and I’m really excited to see what sort of Stretch-Goals I’ll be able to drum up to show my appreciation back to those supporting me. THANKS!

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