That Hand-Done Feel

So on Tuesday’s I’ve been posting the Guest Cover Artist Series for a few weeks now (over a month!) and alas – last week’s cover was the end of them. And I’m not even sure if it really counted since it wasn’t done by a guest artist. But it felt strange to me to have a Tuesday go by with nothing to post and so I’m making one last post outside of my Monday Wednesday Friday release schedule to show you this (see above)!

I’ve (still) got a Kickstarter going! Info about it is plastered all over the page. But one of the rewards for “The First 50” printing project is a copy of the comic with a hand-drawn “sketch cover.” In an effort to give people an idea of what they’d be getting, I drew this! Every cover will be a unique signed work of art. Or… “art” depending on what you think of the quality of my sketches. Check it out! There are a bunch of other cool rewards available too and we’re near to completing the next Stretch Goal as well!