2560 x 1440 Is Also Nice

For those that don’t know – some context: 4k resolution

It’s the end of 2014. The end of the year in which I started the Paeregrine.Cast and I am very excited. All jokes aside – it’s been a great year. 114 comics (including the one you see above,) and there have been some real winners. Have I learned what a joke is yet? Maybe. Possibly. Probably? Either way 2015 is going to be the first FULL year of Paeregrine.Cast webcomics and I hope to have you along for the ride.

If you’re new to the .Cast, I encourage you to take a click through that ‘First’ button above and read the 113 comics that came before this one. Some of them were… regrettable, but the quality improves (if you ask me, which you didn’t) and hopefully will continue to do so in this brand new year! 2015, HERE WE COME!

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