How I feel about ALS & the Ice Bucket Challenge

First and foremost: Fuck ALS. I have been quite personally affected (as I say in the video) by ALS as my best friend’s father was diagnosed and battled valiantly with this horrible disease for as long as he could. So when I saw the Ice Bucket Challenge kicking around the ‘net, I was conflicted. At first it smacks of “pat yourself on the back” activism. “Hashtag” activism. And if I hadn’t been personally affected by it I feel like I may have cynically written it off as such. But I saw what this horrible disease did to a man I really cared about, and so having some sort of participation in the Fight Against ALS was very important to me.

After the diagnosis, I did the Philadelphia Walk to Defeat ALS. I plan on doing it every year from now on. And I donated then, and I’ll donate now. I encourage everyone to donate. As I said in the video I’m nominating my readers, friends, and followers to donate. Raising awareness is really important. ALS is a disease I feel many people don’t understand and so to shed light on it is an incredibly important first step. But it has to be just the first step. Turning awareness into funding for research and support is a bigger step. Click the link below to take that next big┬ástep.

For those worried about the water-wasting elements of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, don’t fret: I used sea-water which happily dispersed in the sand to be returned to its natural home. Special thanks to the strangers we met on the beach: Chris and Kristina for their help with the bucket and the second camera-angle.