Get By With a Little Help From My Friends & Fans


This a blog post that should’ve been made 6 days ago but I’ve been so busy updating and curating the Kickstarter that I forgot to post about it here! I’m trying to not over-share this project but I’m still incredibly overwhelmed by gratitude &┬ávery excited about it.

“So what’s all this then?” you may be asking yourself. It’s a Paeregrine.Cast Kickstarter project to get physical printed comic-books containing the first 50 strips as well as a bunch of extras into the hands of anybody who wants them. In addition to the basic comic itself, there are also Variant Covers being made from all the awesome Guest Cover Artist Series artwork, stickers, badges, posters, and all manner of wild stuff you can get by backing the project. We’ve also got Stretch Goals up and plenty more mischief where that comes from. Give it a look-over and see what you think? There has already been a massive out-pouring of support for the project and it’s making my dream of doing this feel pretty real. You’re all rad and I’m so thankful. Let’s keep all the good vibes goin’!